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Hello Everyone we all have come to discover that generators are an integral part of doing business and living here in Nigeria. It is not ideal but it is the situation we find ourselves.

The new ones can be a bit pricey. Just go for a Fairly Used Generator. I said it! It is often the most cost-effective way to buy good quality generators.

You can always find a used Open/Soundproofed/Petrol/Diesel generator readily available. Find below some of the things to look out for in choosing a generator.

AGE, HOURS, AND USAGE - Find out how many hours it has on it (For Generators above 10kva), Most generator engines are usually just like a car and have an odometer reading. Try to always go for a generators that has less than 4000hrs on it. If it is a petrol engine low Kva generator then find out how long ago it was bought.
* It may also be helpful to know what it was used for. A generator that has been used as a standby or backup power will have less usage than one that is used 24hrs in a day.

MANUFACTURER HISTORY & REPUTATION - Be sure to determine the manufacturer of the generator as well as its model. Try and get a used generator manufactured by a known brand. Do not go and buy a generator from an unknown manufacturer that you might not readily get the spare parts.

VISUAL INSPECTION- Always try to see what you are about to buy! Pictures can be deceptive. A generator, like any mechanical device, suffers wear and tear during operation. This is something you will not see from pictures. There are lot of thins to look out for here like-:
1. Meters/Indicators On Panel - Does the indicators and meters on the panel move when the generator is operated?
2. Engine Frequency/Speed - For diesel generators, the bench mark for engine frequency in Nigeria is 50hz.
The frequency and speed are directly related. While buying a generator ensure you buy between 47Hz -54Hz and an engine speed of 1500rpm.

3. Engine at Start up - You need to note how the engine starts. Does it come on once it is started or it does 'hard starting'?
4.Idle Running - When the generator is put on and there is no load on it, what is the sound like is it smooth and cool or you are hearing all sorts of noise as if some components are running loose.
5. Engine at Shut Down - How does the generator go off at shutdown? Does it go off quietly like it should or it starts coughing and hiccupping before going off.

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